Nelson Mandela by Zapiro.
DEC 26 2013

Mandela, Nature and Ubuntu

Learn to explore
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I have written about going out to the Nature  and about the effect this action produces in our brains and the way we look at things; that’s why we were not surprised (actually “we” were very pleasantly surprised, but semantics count, ya know) when we learned, in Boyd Varty‘s lecture, that that was exactly what Nelson Mandela did, right after…

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Men in Black movie image - Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith with their memory flash.
OCT 03 2013

Are you up for a Memory Implant?

crazy theories

Memory implants are not a typical topic for fiction films anymore; they are real and verifiable scientific processes. In the following TED talk, psychologist Elizabeth Loftus tells us how this mechanism works and poses serious ethical questions related to its use. We humans love our memories and usually incorporate them into our identity. Would you…

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Behind Frugal Science
Hi there! I’m Gustavo and Frugal Science is about helping you rediscover your exploring nature and enjoying the benefits of looking life in a different way. Anybody can become a true explorer –it’s our nature-, all you need is a mindful attention and some frugal science.
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Why Do We Dream?
The Dream Connection Hypothesis

Why do We Dream?

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